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Later on we'll see a demonstration of that fact by retrieving the timeout.If you care about the session timeout, it's best to configure it yourself.Posts are a type of HTTP request in which the data you submit doesn't appear in the URL, by-passing the data limit on URLs and making for much nicer URLs, among other things.Data from forms is usually submitted via post, not "get".Note: some argue that session IDs in URLs are a security risk; you may decide instead either to not use sessions or to allow your site to simply not work if the user disables cookies.If you turn of cookies in your browser while following this tutorial, don't forget to turn them on again so you can continue following the Udemy course!

Note: I said in this tutorial that jsp:include causes a separate browser request --- but actually this isn't quite right; jsp:include causes a sort of simulated request, apparently --- not an actual request from the browser.In this tutorial we'll look at the file; a standard config file that enables us to, among other things, map urls to servlets and JSPs in our applications.We'll need to understand before we can move on to deploying our applications on the Internet.In this tutorial we'll look at what software you need to install to start developing Java-based websites.All the software you need is free; we'll be using the industry-standard Eclipse IDE together with the highly popular Tomcat server.

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In this tutorial we'll look at various ways of getting a servlet or JSP page to display another page; a powerful technique that enables you to build fully-fledged Model-View-Controller applications, among many other things.

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